Our 2024 Community Supported Agriculture Share (CSA) will start the last week of July and run until the last full week of October. We are happy to continue our partnership with local farms and again will be offering fresh free-range eggs and local homemade ice cream options that we’ve had in previous years. The egg option will allow you to receive a dozen eggs weekly with your share and the ice cream option would give you a pint of ice cream per week. The cost of the egg option is an additional $85 for the season, while the ice cream option is a $75 add on for the season.

We will have three size options available: a full share, half share, and small share. Each share consists of various fruits, vegetables, and herbs to fill a full, half, or quarter bushel basket. The price of a full share is $800, a half share is $490, and the small share is $250. CSA pick ups will be made weekly on any weekday of your choosing when you sign up; sorry no weekend pickups will be available.

Below is a list of some of the fruits and vegetables you can expect to receive in your share for the summer and autumn months. Of course, availability and amounts will be dependent on weather conditions and any other uncontrollable variables which can occur during the growing season.

Broccoli Carrots Turnips Summer Squash Lettuce Zucchini Beets Hot Peppers

Parsley Potatoes Tomatoes Cantaloupe

Cilantro Radishes Spinach Sugar Pumpkins

Onions Apples Swiss Chard Heirloom Tomato

Parsley Cabbage Watermelons Grape Tomatoes Basil Kale Garlic Winter Squashes

Corn Beans Potatoes Cherry Tomatoes

Cucumbers Cilantro Peppers Patty Pan Squash

Although we are not a certified organic farm, we follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. IPM is an environmental strategy focusing on prevention of pests using biological control, cultural practices, and resistant varieties. Pest control measures are applied selectively to minimize exposure to the environment. This way many of our vegetables are never treated throughout the growing season unless absolutely necessary. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving your produce needs this growing season.

To join, check out Lawndale Farm on Facebook, our website or call 978-808-6164.