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Welcome to Lawndale Farm - Fresh Produce & Baled Hay


Located overlooking the beautiful Merrimack River in Tyngsborough, MA, the Times family has proudly worked this land for five generations.

Back in 1921 Kenneth Times Sr. and his mother Dorothy bought Lawndale Farm. Ninety years and five generations later the farm is still owned and operated by the Times Family.

Come visit us for healthy food and fresh air whether on the way home from work or on a ride in the country with the family.

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We are located on the beautiful Merrimack River - Perfect for a Sunday Drive with the family...

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You will visit a traditional farm lived on for five generations...

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We are now accepting orders for our 2017 CSA. It starts around the

20th of July and runs until about the 25th of October.  We offer two sizes, a full share or a small share. The full share consists of fruit and veggies to fill a standard bushel basket, while the small share fills a standard half bushel basket.  The price of a full share is $550 while a small share is $350. CSA pick ups are made weekly on either Tues, Thurs, or Friday.

 Below is a list of some of the fruits and vegetables you can expect to receive in your share during the summer and autumn months.


Broccoli, Carrots, Corn, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Parsley, 

Lettuce, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Beans, Beets,Grape Tomatoes

Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Zucchini, Onions, Cucumbers, Basil

Apples, Potatoes, Cantaloupe, Cabbage, Watermelon, Garlic 

Kale, Winter Squash,Turnips Cherry Tomatoes

 Availability and amounts will be dependent on weather conditions and any other uncontrollable variables occurring during the growing season. 

    Although we are not an organic farm we do follow Integrated Pest Management practices.   IPM is an environmental  strategy  focusing on prevention of pests using biological control, cultural practices, and resistant varieties. Pesticides are only used after careful monitoring indicates that treatments are needed.  Pest control measures are applied selectively to minimize  exposure to the environment.  This way many of our vegetables are never  sprayed throughout a growing season. 

    To join checkout Lawndale Farm on Facebook, our website lawndalefarm.com or call 978-808-6164.  

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